All in all we're fading
Like a soul lost in the wilderness
We're cold and we're cut off from it
Not knowing where it's gonna end
There's a star in Bethlehem
It's calling you
It's a memory of one who made it

Be, be yourself
There's no one who does it quite like you
And be no one else
Cause if you don't then who is going to
You're a tribute to the best of us

We follow everybody else
Not knowing what we're made for
The mecca of the insecure
The sign and the mark of the popular
There's a new face on the television
It's a new host with the same derision

(repeat chours)

The time is now
No reason to look back
Just like an infant born You've got to catch your breath
And I'm learning Father
Yes and I'm going farther

(repeat chours)

Light a path you're supposed to see
Just like the salt that filters through the need
Like the star that's falling from the sky
Just like the apple of your daddy's eye

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