Haunted by a jaded past
Never thought that love could last
Hope was but a cataway ay sea
Skepticism took its toll
Closed the windows to keep my soul
Was fighting just to keep my sanity

When out of the noise I could hear your breathing
You came along knowing just what I needed
Turned me around and ya got me believin'
You would die for me
Now I'm fearless with nothing left to hide
all the doubts of yesterday love has driven away
And now I'm fearless when I am by your side
It's forever me and you in this covenant of truth
Ya know I'm fearless...

Patiently you stripped away
The walls of pride that I had raised
You revealed the child inside of me
We will run and not grow old Soar on wings as I've been told
Together we will fly the heavenlies

Cause out of the noise I could hear you breathing
You came along just knowing what I needed
Turned me around and got me believin'
I would die for you


Some of us leave the vine
Some of us fall in line
All of us have a friend in Jesus
Some of us live in fear
Some of us persevere
Knowing that you are near me and, I am fearless

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