I'm at a loss with you
Letting go may just be our saving grace
You can't say I never tried
This commitment is scarred
And can't be saved
And its beacuse of you

You're the air that I breathe
The blood that I bleed
And meaning can get lost along the way
When you don't feel

I can't keep telling myself
I see you in me I see me in you
I can't give up on ourselves
I see you in me I see me in you

I've fought this stretch before
A thousand times now
It seems we've come to pass
This heart's an open sore
That you prick and prod
With moments from the past
It's all because of you

You were all that I'd see
Now I have to concede
My feelings they got lost along the way
I just don't feel them

I just can't pretend
That I'm part of you
I've been trying to make ammends with truth
Our summation all depends
On the life we choose
Now I'm burning at both ends for you

Do I see you in me?
Do you see me in you?

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