I just want you, I want to kill me
I was born to worst enemy

Don't know who to trust
You must apologize for livig
You are not musically talented
Lack a natural gift
You get jealous of me
You should do like I do
You won't get anywhere without making effort
They are lowlifes

I can't figure it out
Stop giving me shit
Throw up one's hands in helplessness
You can say what you want
Don't ask about things you'll never understand
Even so, I must sing a song with them
Because, I believe myself only

You will do it yourself

Umareta imi o shinjita yume o
Scum of the earth, lowest scum.

Dream on, rat shit
Who cares about you
I'm not give a fuck
Wehat the hell

Tada hikari o megake mouichido ai o sakasete
Sou itsuka wa kuzure kaketa yume ga kowarete mo
Kanarazu tadori tsuku kara

Wind up in faith

Umareta imi o shinjita yume o
Inochi no imi o hatenai yume o
Scum of the earth, lowest scum

Kazari no nai koe o kikasete
In your lies
Believe what you will,「enduring」

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