Lonely hearts on a lonesome sea
Forced to wander in symmetry
Lost connection and memory
In a maze of eternity
Still a feather of faith it blows
Over a growing redemption rose
Thorns that echo a truth untold
A glorious tone of the sacred code


You've got to
Follow the sound
There's an angel calling
Riding the wave of a siren song
You've got to
Follow it down to your silent dawning
Whispering winds of the timeless one
Why don't you
Follow the sound of your angel calling...

Ageless fountains
The endless source
Streaming on in a spiral course
On the edge of a violet flame
Guardian of the rainbow chain
Old illusions will now collide
In every cell of a single mind
Dreaming bridges through walls of stone
Feel the pulse of the overtone


Weaving threads of an inner vision
Through a golden eye
Being led by the magnet mission
To be whole with your kind...


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