Verse 1:
I never knew just what to do
When I came to life and all those promises
Always earned every word that came along the way
Now I know that what I sow, will always be the way things really just grow
Forever now, please show me how
To fight these feelings, they're still reeling

No longer will I have to remind the past
Those I've come to glimpse of it, (yeah)
No longer will I carry this weighted past
Now I face the day with no shame

Verse 2:
I've always tried to live the life
Now looking back, and it doesn't seem right
How I lived, and never gived
And always take what wasn't mine
In discreet, could never keep a glimor in my soul of something more,
No longer I will sit and die, for something I don't even really care for



(Instrumental Break)

No longer


No longer
No longer

Now I face the day, with no shame

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