I've got my band of brothers, and were taken to the streets
If we don't wake up tomorrow, its cause we drink till dawn we aint trying to sleep
You'll never take this away from us, cause we don't give a fuck, throw caution to the wind.
We all know the best part of it, tomorrow night, we'll do it all again.

Nows the time, we all looking for the time of our life
We all feelin it so i guess that tonight is the night
At it again, pick your poison get it in.
No fuckin around, we gotta do this right.

Grab your weed, smoke till your eyes bleed
Drop anything you've got, drink everything in sight
Grab a pack, smoke till your lungs black
And chop it up, with the ones you love, till the day light.

Yeah, we on one, taken the city by storm
Yeah, we drinkin bars dry then then movin on to the next one
If we wake up with memories we cant render
Then we'll know for sure we had a night to remember

This is the time of our life and we'll live it up
This is the time of our life and we don't give a fuck.

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