Drunk till death yeah the name rings bells when you hear it,
All your favourite bands in it,
We been round for a minute.
Brotherhood, Crew, whatever you wanna call it.
Just a bunch of drunk fucks but we be about our bidnit.
4204 on my face, I do that for my brothers.
Drinkin' gin in the gutter scheming how to make some butter
Then we bring home the bread, got them bitches givin' head.
Drunk till death in this bitch shit we run this motherfucker.

If you got love for us let me hear it,
If you hold it down for us let me see it,

If you catch us at the bar,
Line them fuckin' shots up,
Then we to the next spot.
DTD step in the club they like,
Oh ohhh.
Drunk till death love us or hate us we don't give a fuck.
You can hate all you want but the party won't stop till we fuckin' say so,
Yo we hear to get fucked,
Run a muck, chat some bitches up drop a couple bucks.
DTD on my hand, I do that for my fam,
Cause I'm proud of every single mother fucker in my clan.
One for all, all for one,
Yeah you know we all in way past last call,
Till the bitter fuckin' end.

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