The winds are blowing through again,
So we must follow,
The people daring to believe,
We could change tomorrow,
And be the miracle of light.
And we won't give up the fight.

Now is the time for us to shine.
Shine with the face of Christ divine.
No compromise, for all heaven cries.
Now is the time.

The river's running through again,
For everything you touch you change,
And we've all been changing.
We're a city shining on a hill,
Tell this world you're shining still,
Tell the world you always will.

Now is the time...

Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus
King of lights.
Jesus, Jesus,
Raise up church that's shining bright

I want to follow but what does it mean,
To live in this world and keep everything clean?
Nothing I own here is ever my own,
When I live in the mercy and grace that you've shown.
I lay down my rights see the world through your eyes,
And fight for the hungry who pay for our lives.
I want to have you in all of my world,
So Jesus consume me fullfil me coz now is the time.

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