With a blindfold I can walk
I see colors when you talk
Could paint your picture with one black crayon
Yes I am your ransom man

I came for you, that is correct
My trunk is hungry from neglect
I would show you, but it's too direct
Well I am your ransom man

I wore some holes into my boots
It's been weeks now following you
They say Los Angeles is a desolate land
Well I am your ransom man

I took some work for a strongarm
You were a sucker for his charm
You see they love you with the back of his hand
Well I am your ransom man

Darlin' I know that you are sweet
Just a midwest transplant with your dreams
Well if I don't kill you he will kill me
Well I am your ransom man

Just one look would make the call
I put that bastard's head right through a wall
Be the great returning of glass into sand
well I am your ransom man

Kiss me on the cheek and I'll be gone
Please do not leave flowers on my lawn
Just wanna hear Dixie from a funeral band
Well I am the ransom man

Just wanna hear dixie from a funeral band

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