Money don´t make my worl go round
I´m reaching out to a higher ground
To a warm and peaceful place
I can rest my weary face

Life´s answers we try to find
Battling inside our minds
Where do I go from here?
Will all my friends be there?

Cause we´re living, we´re living in a crazy maze
and we´re fighting, we´re fighting to rise above the haze
light´s at the end of the tunnel
the journey may be long
there are many theories
who´s right and who´s wrong?

The pressure´s on I have to choose
I have nothing to lose
I close my eyes I take a chance
Now I dance a different dance.

What´s the key to a happy life?
A healthy mind and lots of spice
Running barefoot through the trees
That´s my idea of free


I pack my bags, I´m on my way
Don´t know where I´m gonna stay
I´m on the train bound destiny
I can set my spirit free.


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