Embrace me tonight...
Take my hand and come to me...
I am your destiny...
Lying in this frozen white room
Close to the fall, waiting for my doom
My flesh is burning in the sins of misery
My heart is a sorrowful sea...
Take my hand and come to me
I am your destiny...
Oh these tears of coldness fire
Are the anguish of my lustful desire
I am the angel of life and death
I'll take you with me
With me...
Release your last breath
Dive into the Infinity...
Embrace the secrecy...
I cry...
I cry in the angel's chest
For mercy I crave
He promises me eternal rest
And black roses in my grave
And black roses in my grave...
This morbid loneliness
Inside my grievous heart
Covers my being of bitterness
And swallows me in the dark
My memories, emotions and cries
Are perishing forever this night
Deep inside a lost love lies
Over the ashes of a dying light
Endless will be...
The ache of this silent thorn
Nailed in agony of my heart forlorn
I close my eyes, before the angel of belief
A last tear I cry, in the room... Garden of grief

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