Moral corruption with vice in all forms.
Erase true morals of the young ones. Miseducation, brain-washin', whiter than snow chlorox to the mind.
Unemployed and hunger is the game being played on de chessboard that all those in power created.
Food shortages and financial panics, organized crime war tactics.
Concern blaze on de pain.
Spawn into a web at all ya ballin.
Conspiracy and public betrayal, treasury owners back-seat.
Inna closed door, their evil order, signal, symbol, sixes.
To the small fellows of wickedness, disgust is too nice of a word to describe how I feel about them.
To describe how we feel about them.
So Set da flame, set da flame...

Horrendous amount of advantage taken.
Intuition not mistaken. The dragon 'la go and givin power to da beast.
Harlot drinking the blood of same.
Vampire activatin cathedral, meanwhile proclaimin' ring leaders fall from heaven.
Takin a long one term with dem.
Colorin the shield dem red, practing the ways of the dead, playing backward music instead!!!
Set da flame, set da flame...

Raging regions of captivity, no more singing we shall overcome.
Cause right JAH know so we want we freedom.
And make de true liberty bell song in da western.
African beat dey get dey bang up de congo drum.
Ringing out call most of JAH people come home. Some upon de indian reservation, some will go on to repatriation, some will claim the land of Canaan.
And of the slave driva dem be of their possession. Ohhh Ohhh
Set the flame and let dem know. Set da flame, set da flame...

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