[Verse 1:]
I been on this earth so long I knew that it would come to this
Ain't nobody gave a fuck so tell me why should I give a shit
Cause these niggas ain't shit
And these bitches ain't real
I'm screaming fuck the world unitl the grave and that's just how I feel
On the real
My partna got killed he payed the price
Why dem niggas take his life
Ain't nobody living right
Ain't nobody living right
That's why I'm prayin every night
That I stay upon my toes
Cause I know the road I chose
It ain't safe when I'm in my shows
My cousin
Yea dey say she on that crystal meth
I blame myself
Cause if I wasn't rapping she would be with me
And not that nigha that be trappin gone off of that weed
I really miss my seed I hate that I miscarriaged ya
Just know that mommmy loves ya always thinkin of ya
Put no one above ya
Ain't no other way to put it
Fuck the world sincerly yours and that's just how I'm feeling

[Verse 2:]
Now I'm the main bread winnner in my family that's why I gotta get it til it ain't no single breath in me
Been running things
Since I was 16
Why da devil keep on testin streesin me
And I know I betta c
My papi make it to eighty I get tired of going to grady for the bucks to say ay skay man ya daddy may not make it I can't take dis shit
So tell me what about my brothers
Whos gonna raise my younger brother
I need sum fuckin order
I'm da youngest fukin daughter
I need a glass of water I'm bout 2 pass out
If dat nigha keep hurtin my sister I'm a fuckin smash out just ride out on his stupid fuckin coward ass
Ask my manger bail me out once I whip dis niggy ass
Sometimes I wish the plane I'm on crashes and burn to ashes
Just so I could see a reaction
Who really givesa fuck about me
Nobody shawty
That's why I'm screamin fuck the world until I die
How bout it (how bout it)

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