The whitened soul is disadorned from charred over-shores.
Under the blister of stones, reluctantly, the wave vibrates : walled suns.

The bitter mescal springs like a charm from your distended belly... black hole.

Thirsty earth for amber and glair, draft, chasms of glass, confined stars :
hidden work, gnawed bone.

The rended girl cries at the stones the angel 's flesh : flayed.
Nettle, defiled, does not live.

Taken in reverse by sight, stranded, riddled with anguish, he opens her unavowed flesh.
The impaled girl 's sighs and worse, kinked and possessed :
stiffened, raped, gives up to dementia.
Sleepy lake, noiselessly passing away, fruitless belly.

Terre assoiffée de sang et de glaires, étoiles cachées, gouffres de fer...
La déchirée crie aux pierres sa douleur d 'ange écorché.
Criblé d 'angoisses, j 'ouvre ses chairs.
Soupirs et pire de l 'empalée, vrillée et possédée :
violée raidie s'ouvre à la folie.

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