And you thought that you'd see it again, a New England sunrise from the top of the bridge.
where every dawn you'd sit and you'd say a little prayer for your dad you haven't seen in a year.
how would you feel if you didn't know he was there?
he say "hello" every morning as you pass by his stairs.
he lives right next door to your very own,
and he says goodnight every night before you go home.
and it feels so good.
knowing nothing, thinking everything will be the same and your life will never change.
doesn't it feel good?
you never thought you'd live it.
your life's a saga, a never ending re-run of an old episode.
a tape you never thought you'd rewind and watch again but you do it everyday,
will the tape ever end?
and it doesn't feel good?
doing nothing you should. every time you try you fail maybe that's why you say,
"why try i'll fall again?" fall again...AGAIN!...AGAIN!...AGAIN!
and everybody needs someone...everybody needs someone...everybody needs someone....
everybody needs someone. THEY NEED SOME-SOMEONE! SOMEONE! you.
And I can still remember the summer's eve.
you said the night was young, there's plenty left to see.
time flew by, some said the years were kind.
In details lost among the city lights the words were hard to find...
The stories, been written twice before,
don't want to hear it anymore, your ears are starting to bleed.
your vain is still an ugly child. your will is strong, intentions mild.
you can't get by on your deeds.
you gotta say a prayer (SAY A PRAYER!)
keep the faith (KEEP the FAITH!)
and depend on me to keep you awake.
i'll never let you down (LET YOU DOWN!)
leave you out (LEAVE YOU OUT!)
going where i've gone.
can't keep my spirit down, heart left me cold, looking 'round.
can't keep my spirit down, heart left me cold, looking 'round and round and round...
down, heart left me cold, looking 'round yeah, can't keep my spirit down,
heart left me cold, looking 'round and 'round and 'round...AROUND! AROUND, AROUND!

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