You've been thinking that the good old days are all behind us
But there's a beautiful side of life that you've been blind to
And in case you didn't know let me remind you

There's a long road ahead of us
Such a long road ahead of us
And the world is ours if you will only trust in you and me

Love never stays the same don't let it get you down
Old dreams may fade away but new ones can be found
You're just too young to be living on a memory
And where I'm coming from
The best is yet to come

(repeat refrain: 'coz there's a...)

Now I'm not saying there won't be stormy times to weather
But we can rise above it all together
'Coz today will be the first day of forever

(repeat refrain 2x)

There is a long, long road
Such a long road ahead of us ...

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