Dirt Nasty Baby. They Call me the Hollywood Vampire.
Not just because I suck. But cause I suck your tits.

Woke up in the middle of the night with a thirst for blood
Hopped in the whip and I hit the club
Lookin for a fine little thing to love
'Cause I'm a Lady Killer

Verse 1
Once upon a time in the Hollywood Hills
Layin' in my coffin, swallowin' pills
I swooped down to the sunset strip
With my fangs out, holdin' my dick
Black Sparrow
Black eyeshadow
Black leather boots on my black motorcycle
Oeji Board tatted on my back

Says "Blow me baby" in Babylonian text
Half man half bat
Have a drink on me before I bite your neck
Bloody Panties
Sippin' bloody mary's at the Hollywood cemetery
I know it might sound sick to you
But baby that's what I do
I've been known to kill a bitch or two
Cause I'm a blood suckin mother

Chorus x2

Verse 2
Here's a little story about Dracula
Drug ya up in the Cadillac
Chrome and black
Bones in the back
Known to mack
On any ho with some cash
Sharpen my teeth
Like a shark in the reef
Parked the fleet
Right on the wrong side of the street
Full moon
Bark at a fool
If he swoop my princess away from my castle

Ho ho ho, 40 men comin'
On horseback with sheilds made in London
Jack the Ripper
Smack a stripper
Strangle her stab her and kiss her
Bitch killer
7 minute thriller
Fuck yo brains out, in the cellar
Hellen keller
Helter skelter
The hell with this ima go acapella
Knock a bitch out with my vampire dick
And I'm not gon' stop till my teeth hit the tit

Chorus x2

Lady killer
Lady killer
Uh uh lady killer
That's right. Lady Killer
Uh uh Lady Killer
I'm a

Verse 3
Hollywood California
At night is Transylvania
I hunt for hoes at Area
Then take 'em home and bury 'em
It's very grim
This life I live

'Cause it's hard out here for a vampire pimp
Campfire kid
Ghost In the mist
Holdin' the rose up toastin' my dick
Outpost at Look Out Mountain
Lookin' down on Le Breya and fountain
That's where Dirt Nasty the Count live
That's where Dirt Nasty the Count live

Chorus x4

by: glngg911

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