You're like a beating heart
bleeding falling harder to the floor
But honestly won't someone slow it down?
You're like warm wine running down dry throats

Soaring overhead oh so high
Let it take control and we begin to fly
With the birds, we make friends tonight

dropping bombs on a well-known place
Debris covers my face

The reason for the bad rep
you're falling behind
But holding on, what's keeping my alive?
It's always on my mind

Listen to my voice
Hear the words I say
I'm barely even okay
Always on my mind

Wading in the water, I beg, I plea
But this isn't me... I swear I'm not this way
Stop looking down. It won't help your case
Those words don't speak the truth
It's so wrong. Impertinence to my ears
But you're wasting my time
For lost years

No! Woah woah
You're wasting my time
This wasn't how it was supposed to be

Warm wine runs down dry throats
You need this more than ever
I hate who you've become
You're burning out so quickly
Go find someone who cares
Good luck with that
Good luck

But me, oh I'm fine!

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