X Project


The fight has annihilated the enemy
Hurry up, tell me what's happened
It's the outcome of the battle
It has failed sir
What do you mean?
The astro-fighters launched at Pluto base have been completely destroyed in course of action sir
That means invasion is imminent
Yes sir. We don't have enough time to assemble our ocean team now
Our only hope is the X Project
Contact our moon base
Yes sir
Contact Doctor Benner Moonwing
Yes sir
Um, who's that?
Doctor. I need your help
Nothing I can do general
You must. Our astro-fighters were completely destroyed.

The X Project.
Even the name sounds mysterious
Wonder what it could be?
I guess we'll soon know

Finally, the time has come to launch our secret X Project.
But it's only 90% ready general
Well? in other words it's almost completed

Any time you like,
we'd appreciate knowing what X Project's all about
You'll know it's secret soon enough

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