i can still get nervous when i talk to you
even though we've dated for a year or two
everytime i stare i notice something new
and abandon all hopes of impressing you
i struggle with the words that i've always known
i get self-conscious of my voice on the telephone
you tell me how you love me everynight before bed
and i turn out the lights as my face turns red

sometimes it's hard to stay still
when you're moving close to me
my eyes they open wider more color in my cheeks
i'm usually so pale until you mess with my heartbeat
you turn me red. turning red. i'm turning red. [part 1]

my hands still get sweaty, when you're holding them.
my clothes feel kind of tight although i'm sure they fit
when we go out at night, sometimes i wish we'd stayed in
i feel like everyone is thinking what's she doing with him?

every date feels like the first one
and i can't wait 'til we meet (kick?)
my feet under the table when we sit down to eat
i don't know how to ask you: will you come home with me?
i'm turning red. turning red. i'm turning red.

[part 1]

i love it when you're playful
you tease me constantly
you're surprisingly insightful
when you embarrass me and you can feel safe in my arms
but safe's not what i need
you turn me red. turning red. i'm turning red.

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