No pain no gain
That's the rule to play this game
And once you're in
Start to shout

The hands will shake
Knees will bow while you're in tears
Asking God for a sign

The worst complaints
From someone who dares at all
Shows no mercy and no clues
But when the worst is known
Any doubt will go away
Couse the hardest sorrow is your own

Will you need spells to see how?
As a soul needs time
Needs to cry out as well
Sometimes no one
Can deny what you want
So keep the rule in mind
For a lifetime

Num jogo o fim diz quem vence
Mas nem sempre o melhor sai contente
Entao melhor tentar
Que assistir sem provar
O gosto amargo e doce da luta

Take this chance
And knock the door with love thou
No timeless rest
No everlasting throne
Something down inside
Is the seed that grows with fear

No pain no gain
Stop it up alone

Yeah I just said
But I dont think you could quit
like go fool
Against the things that you made

No need these bad damn words
No need these sad damn lies
Just by living it you learn so much
To curb any flop
No need these fantasies
No need these bloody arms
I am just kidding

There's no hope when all is fine
It's a pleasure fallen from above
People pay by their dumb mistakes
My o'mine
I am kidding but I am in
Like you are

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