Can you hear the sound of Bazuzu in victory dance?
I tell you none of this is happening by chance

We gave you mountains, rivers and streams
We gave you woman that she may fulfill your dreams

Gave you the elements so you'd find fossil fuel
Wildlife companions but to them you have been cruel

We are not pleased with you!
Now your reign here is through!

Gave you free will with which to do as you may please
Gave you commandments but you did not follow these

Your whole world hangs at the end of the rope
We were amused when you thought you had a new hope

We gave you the choice of good or evil now and then
They both exist but only in the hearts of men

Our 7 angels will fulfill your prophecies
Destroy the world below and everything that breathes


Bowl 1 is poured out on the land
Bowl 2 is poured out on the sea.
Bowl 3 is poured out on the rivers
Bowl 4 on the sun
Bowl 5 is poured out over the throne of the beast
Bowl 6 over the Euphrates, the kingdom of the beast on earth
Bowl 7 is poured out into the air and the cities of the nations collapsed...
It is done!

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