I don't want nobody
I'm better off alone
I'm sworn to independence
My heart is made of stone
But you're breaking on through
Oh there's something 'bout you

I've been tapping my toes
To the way you talk
And I've been singing along
To the way you walk
I've got to do
Something 'bout you

Well I've got this place/life of mine
It's nice and quiet and I like it fine
I work real hard got no time for you
But I've whiskied up my coffee cup
Sitting here trying not to call you up
It's getting to where I don't know what to do
Oh there's something 'bout you.

Something about you like distant thunder
And I can't say I ain't been warned
But there's no shelter to crawl under
Ever gonna save me from this storm

Oh there's something 'bout you
I can't shake
There's something 'bout you
That's been keeping me awake
The whole night through
Oh there's something 'bout you

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