I have seen the paddle wheelers rolling south on a summers' day
I've seen the lovers at the guardrails with stars in their lemonade
And I've heard the hobos gather heard their banjo's brace the blade
Heard them sing about the river called it the lazy man's parade

Sing me that song about the river green going away
You know I always did feel like a drifter bout this time of day

[ steel ]
Last night I stood by the highway pretended I was on my way
You know a hundred thousand headlights couldn't match the milky way
And when the moonlight touches the water surely something touches me
And I go reaching for the river like it's reaching for the sea

So sing me that song about the river...

Some things go on for ever but truth don't ever stray
The wind may brush the water but the river won't persuade

So sing me that song about the river...

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