Adam met Eve on a Saturday night that's when the trouble started
She said Adam let's go for a bite she led him to the garden
And ever since then we tried to make sense of this mystery emotion
But we might as well try to count the stars in the skies
Or those raindrops in the ocean

Will you know it's true love deeper than deep hotter than the fire
When it's hard to find and it's harder to keep it's the thing we most desire

I was alone for so many nights I really started to wonder
If I had run out of chances to find a spell I could fall under
Then you walked in like in an Elvis film you were singing Love Me Tender
I was hypnotized by your blue eyes and the next thing I remember

Will you know it's true love...

And there is a true love in a winking eye and a sweet perfume that lingers
And it's an I love you on a new tattoo and that diamond on her finger

Will you know it's true love...
It's the true love we most desire

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