Wear the mark of saints so pure, of lifetime commitments you shall endure.
Now up on stage with mic firmly grasped.
A waste of your honor when your heads up your ass!
Don't chastise me for the choice i make.
You words of malice turn respect to hate.
Unity is a dying dream when you try to shun me form what's most important to me.
I won't!
Be shoved down to the side or looked down upon.
I won't!
Be kept form this life that I've loved so long.
I can't!
Be held at your arms length I'm already in.
But trust me!
I'll curb your ego when you talk your shit.
You can't look down on me when I'm on top.
Don't try to wage a war that should not be fought.
You shut your eyes; you closed the door, tried to make me feel unwelcome inside my own home.
Now shut your mouth while I break down your door 'cause this is my life, My world as much as it is yours.
Break It Down Now!
Now shut your mouth while I break down your door, This is my home!
It was never ever meant to be fist over fist.
You ain't the slightest bit better than me; you don't run this shit.
Now get the fuck off of that stage and meet me face to face.
You're as ignorant as they come [your] integrity's a waste.
Fuck you, I'm not.

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