We as lions, We claw beyond the surface of your dreams.
We look through the fantasy you create and see how ugly this world can be.
I will not lay down my life to the army of pacifists.
I will keep my fight and lay down the law, smash through the filth with this iron fist.
Your peaceful harmony is not reality.
A world in check and devoid of violence will never fucking be.
You can't let down your guard in the face of the enemy.
Because Hate. Reaction. Hate. Is all these eyes have seen.
So don't you preach to me the bloodshot eyes shall see.
Peeled open in search for some truth.
The fortunate ears shall hear how they should learn and live a positive youth.
But none of it means a thing 'cause people do what's necessary to do.
So my advice to you is Get Real!
Before reality drops the hammer on you.

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