Here is the box where I kept all her sweet, short memories. Take it, and give it to her. Please tell her that I love her. She won't be seeing me any more. I know how quick you can fasten these wings, so fly as fast as you can and don't ever show your face here again.
No more shooting arrows. I never knew how hard it was to lift this heart -- she left waiting.

Against my two hands. Choking from the depths of memories, bleeding, lack of sleep, awakened by dreams of her.
Waiting for the stars to place themselves in my hands, but all i am left with is dust.
The hope you gave did nothing but destroy.
Floating without gravity, without time or space, with tears that drown (the world itself).

The price for falling in love, damn your love, you never told me this wasn't right for me to begin with.
My eyes are burning upon the shores of heaven.
asking God:
where will I find comfort from here on, where will it end?

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