She left her smile hidden underneath the bed, a tiny girl with a lovely face full of precious dreams. Locked in a room awaiting the bruises of her tortured reality. She waited for the night to pass.
Beaten for hours by the cruel man whom she had known as her only guardian of life. Step dads, a crimial of pure malice.
Although no one could ever reveal his true intentions to the world. She was only right. Charming but very unfortunate.
It put tears in my eyes how every night her world kept falling, shattered like a porcelain vase. Drop the weapon, what have you done, have you seen the repitition?

Crying for a hand to reach out, take her away from this demon. No one ever heard a thing. Once more she survived another night.
Tonight, however, her prayers have all been answered as she crashes to the floor with images of angels, depicted on the wall. Crying out, she surrendered her last breath, pronounced dead.

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