Children bred for a like packed with hate.
Feeble minds, Forced, Not taught what to think.
As ignorant as the mother that birthed.
Devils in my eyes and scum of the earth.
Icons of filth you were doomed form the start.
No mind of their own with no soul and no heart.
Foul minded beasts with missions obscene.
Programmed to chase an impossible dream.
Purify! There is only one cure.
Purify! For this problem that plagues.
Purify! For this evil that lingers.
To purify this world your life must end.
Purify! I will kill for my beliefs.
Purify! I will kill to bring an end.
Purify! I will kill to bring justice.
By any means necessary i will defend.
So your.. Your life must end.
By any means! This plague must end!
Your ways, Your life, Your kind i want them dead.
Welcome to my realm where the fee for you is none.
Where your ignorance and racist ways are shot down through the barrel of a gun.
With a fist in your ugly face or with a blade of a bloody knife.
You're a total same of a human being and a complete waste of life.
So we shall purify this earth, and rid this world of your kind.

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