My heart is food for the crows. Watch as reality and comfort slips away from my flesh.
It numbs the senses, inebriate from them. It freezes your mind's conscience. It's the wind that kills, penetrating through the heart. I know it hurts.
I was there when It all happened. I could not believe the terror I felt even for the distance of your power. So strong I could not imagine how you were once so humble.

My darling I was carving this eden for you as you were holding that aura that could slay an enemy. So I slit these wrists to save myself from you, thirty lacerations of devoled love to preserve my intention, to avoid corrupting my mind.
I am crying at your knees begginf for a reply. But the leaves are so perfectly embedded into my heart. You should have knwon that you molded your greates enemy, it lies inside your heart. Are you happy that I am destroyed? Just wipe the tears away: It's too late.