With every keystroke of every line of every paragraph bent on others demise.
Vacant face set with empty eyes, computer screen filled with nothing but lies.

TECHNO-LOGIC-KILL! You fuckin fake you don't know what is true.
TECHNO-LOGIC-KILL! It's time to realize your world isn't real.
TECHNO-LOGIC-KILL! I'm sick of the fighting this is all your fault.
Your destructive ways must come to...a...halt.

Pseudo feelings, no true voice.
You don't belong here you've made the wrong choice.
The keyboards your weapon, the screens your defense.
Safe at home now let the bullshit commence.
It's time to grow up, or get the fuck out.
Don't put up just shut up stop running your mouth.

TECHNO-LOGIC-KILL! You anonymous punk you will get no respect.
TECHNO-LOGIC-KILL! Without your computer you do not exist.
TECHNO-LOGIC-KILL! Technologies warped any logical thought.
In a web of bullshit your mind has been caught.

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