I am a visionary. Set content on my chosen path.
My mind is mine. I know my own way.
I don't need a monitor on everything i say.
You only complicate.
Not content with the current state of anything or anyone.
You're only here to complain and ruin others fun.
And there's a difference between you and me.
I say what i want while you say what you think the rest of the world wants to hear.
But what you don't understand is you're scared, You're just living in fear.
I spit venom, spit flame, I'll say what i say.
I will not be contained.
You try to maintain a tight grip on society.
Always worrying about what others will say.
Why don't you waste the time on someone else's day.
I don't care what you think of me or [my] personality.
I am who i am, not who you want me to be.
I'll say what i say, you can't contain me.
You will never silence me.
My rage will always be set free. And i will always say what i want to say.
I'm doing things on my own way. So stay clear of my ravenous ways.
You can not silence me. My rage will be set free.
Maybe then you will see you can't contain me.
My iron jaws won't seal. They'll maul through everything you feel.
My mind is mine and you will never silence me.

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