Know a little girl she drives me mad
She loves her outlaw but he don’t love back
I feel bad cause she can’t stay clean
The future looks bad tell you what I see
Four black horses and a memory

Makin money lyin’ in bed listen to the voices
that are in her head
Main Street’s dirty and the mud is dank
With her no good lover in front of the bank
Gonna take all the money and leave this town
But the law dogs gonna track em down

When mornin’ comes she hangs her head
Sittin there smokin’ a cigarette
Her skin is pale sittin’ in jail
Hopin’ someone will set her free

Explosions have rocked the jail
And all the sirens they start to wail
The man in a duster he runs inside
To grab that girl and take her for a ride

Police runnin’ all over the place they lost that girl
it’s a big disgrace
Gonna run but you sho can’t hide

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