Yo this is jayreckage bitch me and spanky dont give a fuck if you dont like our music
Take this cd and shove it up your fuckin ass crack bitch!

So you see me with my crew
You wanna talk shit tell me whatcha gonna do
Ill beat you to the ground till you turn black and blue
You wanna talk shit cuz im better then you i dont care
They love to love to hate us!

I'm cute without the e
Walk around my house and see a stack of cd's
Break one over my knee and slice my wrist just to make it bleed
I'm a scene kid that dies my hair blonde black and listens to rap
Take a needle put it thru my lip to make all the girls jump on spankys dick
And give it a nice slurpy lick
Ha ha how does that taste nah nevermind let me see your pretty face
Ah fuck that heres a bag bitch cover that shit
I even cut the eyes out dont take that bag off your head till you say your goodbyes
Boom boom bap bap ha ha its spanky surprise


My name is jayreckage go ahead and call me daddy
I'll be fuckin that ass in the back off my cady
You think my rhymes are hot white boy or not
Youll be on this cock and calling me 2pac
I'm a scene kid so get on your knees kid
I'll fuck you in your ass till it bleeds kid
I lace a phat ass beat with a fat ass rhyme
And pay these hookers off with some nickles and dimes
I'm a half white man with a 40 in my hand got this ciq in my mouth
And I'm ready to jam! Catch me in the bathroom with jenny and pam
Feelin their tits while spankin my ham! haha


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