Aye Yo, they love us, ha, they love us!

ay yo its dapl with
dot dot curve
its ya boy jay spizzy with
dropping a popped locket
its ya boy slick ross with
dropping a popped locket
it's dropping a popped locket with
dot dot curve

Got you so addicted
If you want dis you gotta give me dat
You know I pop bottles why you pop dat ass
Got you so addicted
you call me every chance you get, like i'm some kinda hot line,
cuz you want some of my time fiending
i know you want it girl, and based on your attitude,
soon be having you screaming

i attract the worst types of girls check this out...
tell me how a girl could be more pimp than a guy ever could, sorry jack,
but it's lumberjill and shes only after your wood, why can't we talk,
is what you see in me what i put in you? can't look at you when we....(fuck)
i know you want it girl, i know you want it,
you're addicted to me like i'm a fucking narcotic,
my own personal waitress like a pop pop serve,
i put a smile on your face like a dot dot curve.
trifling bitch, you'll never be companion boo.
slippin on your words as if your in banana shoes,
you have to want me for more than my body, why cant we talk


Hmm I know You want my dick-sickle
I'm goin to give it to you fo shizzle
Just by the way you wiggle
Wiggle wiggle wiggle dat rump x2
Jiggle it jiggle it
Ja jiggle it x2
You like my freaky look
I can tell by the way I got you hooked
Shur shur bring it over hurr
I do it like victoria secret
Her secret is when you wear dos panties
that's the last time you ever get dis SLUT


we rockin it top notch, our tracks drop hot, serve,
its dropping a popped locket with dot dot curve x2
admit it girl, we're your addiction, so come refill your prescription,
don't delay on your decision, to come by and get to winning,
you treat it like a prize girl, i see it in your eyes,
that you been fiending for mine to be in between your thighs,
you dont have to say a word cuz your hips do all the talking
and you're speaking my language wenever you're walkin,
imma pop a bottle we can start this off, girls lets get it on,
enough with all the shit talk, imma hit it so hard you'll think i ripped your tits off,
your mans outside and he can hear you screaming "slick ross"


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