Red white and blue dreams of a future
Too many gray days in soggy skies
Sense of direction -- look to the future
But things they told you are nowhere in sight
You're a tiny scratch in a flawless finish
You're a star that isn't quite bright
There's 50 stars waving in misdirection
No flag can help the Lone Ranger tonight
And every teenage G.I. Joe
Stares into darkness, driving all night alone
Accelerator one more time
It's just another burning night
And everything's on the line
Seeing red in black and blue, kid
Breaking away from lies in the past
Everything in neon direction
Plastic expectations coming in fast
Dead ends and detours come out of nowhere
So hard to see what you should do
So hard to see where it went wrong
When things look bleak you just gotta be strong
It's time to break away
From the attitude they put on you
It's time to make your play
Hit accelerate -- do what you want to do

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