There's a Coca-Cola kid in Seattle night
Not blinded by the Washington spotlight
Now he don't know but he's been told
That no government ever had soul
TV colors and NASCAR rules
Well he's taxed to death while he pays his dues
(chorus): Capitol riots in the street tonight
Move like a bullet in the neon light
Don't want no nightstick justice from the men in blue
No 1984 coming after you
Now we'll march on through the streets and time
Through the slings and the arrows and the dirt and grime
10 years from now no one will remember
A Backstreet moment or last December
To every punk that has gone before
This is your song -- now and forevermore
(chorus) All around the globe
It's government control
All hail the E.U.
'til it's coming after you
(chorus) In every brick and mortar town
The rain comes down
Let's salute the groovy corporate
Makes the world go round
But there's a kid out there
Who hears a different sound

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