Sitting in my room
Just wasting time
I've spent my whole life asking
And when the answers come
They hurt or wound
I don't know what it takes to bind it
I don't know what it takes to find it
Is there such a thing as piece of mind?
On the telephone
I hear your voice
And i wonder what's behind it
And in your eyes
The blankest beauty
I wonder what there is inside it
I don't know what it takes
To find you
I'll give pieces of my mind
I'm always mixed up every time
Pathetic ramblings, this i know
Welcome to this bitter show
This poetry is not romantic
And anger is not a tonic
Painting on a smile
So you'll never know
Just how deeply your words
Hurt me
And boys don't cry
This i know
I've been socialized to
Hide it

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