Mohammad is a little boy
Growing up in a violent world
Heard the guns when he was five
And above the smoke he saw the flag of israel unfurled
So what is he to think
And what is he to do?
Who set the drumbeat that he's marching to?
Now kevin he was just a lad
His brother left never to return
They said he joined the i.r.a.
And then they shot him down -- now kevin burns
So what is he to think?
And what is he tot do?
Who set the drumbeat that kevin's marching to?
Cause gunfire means funeral pyres
And then little boys pick up guns
Battles rage for blood and country
And they always will -- yeah they always will
Until they're home
Now i am just an american boy
Only know what i see or read
I see boys dying for a home
Dying for a chance to breathe like you and me
So what are we to think?
And what are we to do?
Who set the drumbeat that they're marching to?
Grab a gun, toy soldiers no home to call your own

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