Maybe I can settle my mind,
because nothing at all feels so right at 23 years gone bye.
And it gets so cold so we should keep our fingers tied.
Even more between you and me.

I'd rather die then wait now. I'd rather die then wait now.
Because I've been through hell and I wouldn't want anyone else's love.

The more dreams I fear, the more I am fine.
And anyone I know, to and after everything I make it on time.
And it feels so good to scream into an empty fight.
But we met in a city, but I like the cold anyway.


You know I can't stand the thought of us all over.
I know the way that you want to talk when were alone,
and it's something that you should be thinking over,
if this is what we both want.

[Chorus] x2
Anyone else's love.
Anyone else's love.

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