All day long I sit and watch your back
Keep on coming like a heart attack
I can't tell you that you know no lie
But you know in your mind that you're a fucked up guy

Come on baby now you set me free
Come on now you gotta let me be
I can't tell you cause I don't know why
Cause you know this time you're gonna let me fly

It's coming back again
It's coming round the bend
No need to pretend
Get off of my back
It's coming back again
It's coming round the bend
Coming to an end
Get off of my back

Keep on pushing keep a month's inhale
Cause if I fall you know you might die here
Keep on dreaming myself away
But you open your eyes as we go nowhere

I need some shelter
Give me shelter

Hold on you don't even know me
You didn't have to pull me down
So long I don't even know you
I didn't plan to show you

And you keep on molding with an ounce of clay
An all day long you're gonna disagree
Keep on coming in and out to grow
But you know its time and I'm about to roll

Lockdown, Lockdown

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