I know you but you, you don't know me
Won't you climb aboard and I'll
Take you on a little ride
I'm your pilot and I'm your captain
Listen ground control could you
Take us out the speed of sound

Hey follow me I've got the key
Won't you come up and visit me
We can get high on duty free
Auto pilot self engage
Let me check on my E.T.A.
See how much time we've got to
Play around
Jet stream in full effect
This is my cockpit discothque
All V.I.P.s move to the back

Red eye girls you are the best
Let me dim the lights my stewardess
I think we're gonna feel some turbulence
Seat back feet up rest your head
Watch the controls between your legs
One wrong turn we'll all be dead
I know
You might think this isn't right
Trust me I'm a captain of the skies
Fasten seatbelts close your eyes

As we fade away
Fade away

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