Usin?the phone booth/makin?a few calls
Doodlin?weird things/usin?the booth walls (yeah!)
Got me a big date/waitin?for my chap
A-puttin?his fine on/so he can look dap
I enjoy procrastinatin?'cause I'm busy while I'm waitin?

Sittin?and dinin?dinner beginin?
Started refinin?usin' the linen
Talkin' to my man/doodlin?my bit
Waiter got salty/told me to please quit
Told the waiter, "Don't be dizzy/'cause you see I'm very busy
Doodlin?away?oh yeah!

Those weird designs
They only show what's goin?on in weirdy minds
'Cause when you doodle then your noodle's flyin?high
Everything rushes by might just be a thought
That you caught while coppin?a wink
Doodlin?takes you beyond what you think
And then you draw what you think, yeah!

Later the waiter/had me arrested
Took me to Belleview/where I was tested
Had me a doctor/bought him a noodle
Boy he was handsome/taught him to doodle
Showed him hidden thoughts that linger/find an outlet through your
Doodle away!/oh yeah yeah!

Doctor was real nice/told me to be cool
Looked at the waiter/called him a real fool (yes he did)
Looked at my baby/told him to feel free
Got him to doodlin?so he could bug me
When he put his arms around me/quite to his surprise he found me

Oh let's doodle baby yeah
A-doodle to the left now
Doodle a little to the right yeah
Alright, doodle to the right, left, right, left
Doodle away! Doodlin?takes you beyond what you think...

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