They call me a hollywood legend,
And a celluloid dream
But i'm tired of seeing that face
On the silver screen

Carefully pushing my way
Through the cheering crowd
When you're the star of the show,
There's no easy way out

You'de better watch out cause
I'd rather be incognito
If you want to play the game
That's o.k

Got myself a new set of
Wheels and i won't be around
So much for signing my deals on the casting couch

Far from tinselstown and
I'm giving the performance of my life
But who's to know, i'm incognito

Put out the lights, let it all begin
For a change i'm on the
Outside looking in
It's not my show, i'm incognito

You'de better watch out
Cause i'd rather be incognito
If you want to play the fame game
That's o.k
You're never gonna find me
When i'm incognito

So you'de better hang on cause
I want to break away

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