If there's no hope inside of me
then why not destroy my reality
philosopher you genius answer me
if I'm gonna die anyway
then why not take you with me?

you told me since I was a little child
not to play with fire
just hold me and tell me I'm alright
someone please just stay awhile

and now I'm doing time in a flesh paradigm
no significance for me you see
my mind and my thoughts they waste away
far away
is there no God at home in the universe?

an empty soul I cannot see my way another day
love for me is torture just the same
why is my soul so very angry all the time?
The darkness falls and I'm going down tonight

can't take this pain no more
I'm gonna shoot it all down

and now I'll prove to them I'm someone real
If I can't have my way
cause Thursday's the last of me

me all mine it's mine for me can't you see?
I have no reason why I should not euthanasia me
destroy tear down and burn not just me but my family
if there's no God in heaven
then why pretend love is anything?

IIf I can't have my way
I'll send you to an early grave
and then I'll prove to you I'm someone real
I hurt so bad inside
I'll check out for an early ride
Cause Thursday's the last of me

I'm alive without sight and no dream
Jesus, please God
without you, I am nothing

If I can see the Way tomorrow brings another day
for God has proved to me He's someone real
I hurt so bad inside I almost gave it up and died
Thursday's a chance

it's not the last
Thursday's the past

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