I know, that your weed fills me working
And there's just time, before the snow has touched the fall
But I, cannot stay for the harvest
Cause tonight, I'm hitting down south
Goodbye, I'll seen you
And I hear there's a pipeline how in end in the Texas
So I guess I'll go
And maybe brush will all to
Can you wait untill, I make another
To see else the weather
For the days, I'm short and cold
And work scares
The fragrance of you hair mizing tomorrow
And your sweet smile, I know, has touched the wind
And least I work my way there closer to you
It feel so cool, to be close to home again
When no leaves fall from your trees
Look out your window
And you will see me coming out home
To run as fast as you can, girl, at to me
And throw you're on around me
Cause baby, i'm home

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