He was born, in three quarter time
When a guitar is play flat
The world sing out of to him

A hundred years late
But ahead of his time
And i swear not a minute too soon

They thought he was crazy
Cause he talk to walls
At once nobody listened
Except me and all

He's a honky tonky hero
The ladies all love him
He learn to pick country
In a rock n' roll band

And he's the cowboy
His mamma let grow up to be
A good hearted womans
Good timin' man

They call him an outlaw
When he's only cry
Was givin us gold
In exchange for our times

So god bless the outlaw
And the redhead stranger, his friend
And god bless the pickups
And guitars, and love when you win

And god, save the music
So we'll know where get them

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