The fever's breaking on this girl
The sweat is running down her back
I taste the salt and dream of oceans
Tears of joy, so glad
We have not lost the will to move
To stand when we must stand
Just when we thought the light had gone
It shows itself again

And as we climb the heat it grows
The purest love you'll know

What dreams we had are fadin' to black
All I got from that city,
They're takin' it back
All I need, I believe
What I want, I can't see
The fire on the mountain
Is callin' me home

Where are you baby can you hear
Me calling out your name
Through the fog of spirit making clouds
And making dark the way

And as we climb the sound it grows
The angels trumpet blows

Callin' me home
Speaks to me in whispers
To my soul
Sayin' do not fear the ghosts that walk this road
No they can't do a thing to you
Turn your eyes to me
And feel right through

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